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18 and currently attending the Culinary Institute of America.

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“I hate people generally, but I like people individually.”

introverts (via itsxsovanariee)

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“I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life.”

Jeff Buckley, on moving to New York (via bl-ossomed)

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“Stop planting flowers in peoples yards who aren’t going to water them.”

Anonymous (via happy-absturz)

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I’ve learned to stop expecting things, this way I’m never dissapoijted

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“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

Simone Weil (via psych-facts)

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“If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?”

Unknown (via sharkeisha)

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“The timing in which people enter your life is very important.”

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“From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.”

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